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Synthesio in the News: Leading the Way to Actionable Insights


After last week’s major announcement that Synthesio has secured $20 Million in funding from leading European private equity firm, Idinvest Partners, Synthesio continues to make headlines.

Check out this new feature story by AlleyWatch, outlining how Synthesio has become an Enterprise Social Listening leader with innovative new features, global capabilities and award-winning top quality data: Synthesio Leads the Way to Actionable Insights

“Big data.  For businesses seeking to learn about the general sentiment around their brands, the success of a marketing strategy or to gain customer feedback, there’s a plethora of data available on the Web on forums, blogs, mainstream media and social media.  But sifting through the millions of social discussions happening online can be a daunting task.  Even when companies are able to collect all this data, the real concern is how to make sense of it.  One company, Synthesio, a global social intelligence company with offices in New York, London, Singapore and France, is helping organizations turn that big data into analytics and actionable insights that fuel business intelligence, at scale.”

Read the full article here.


Synthesio Secures $20 Million Investment from Idinvest Partners

synt2Exciting news from Synthesio! We’re pleased to announce Synthesio has secured $20 Million in funding from leading European private equity firm, Idinvest Partners.

This investment will be used for continued innovation, research and product development, as well as expansion and development of the global team located in offices in New York, London, Paris, and Singapore.

The $20 million investment follows a year of growth and accolades for Synthesio that includes:

  • Earning the highest scores of all Enterprise Listening Platforms in the The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 report for our advanced data processing capabilities, user-friendly dashboards, and strong integration and partnership plans

  • Identified as one of the top choices for companies looking to monitor and analyze social media on a global scale in Gartner’s Who’s Who in Social Media Analytics

  • Named in the Future Fifty programme as one of the 50 most promising tech companies operating in the UK & as one of the 100 most innovative, high growth ventures in the UK by the SVC2UK Top 100 Club

  • Being named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA, which recognizes the 500 fastest growing tech companies in EMEA

  • 100% growth in clients and revenue in the last year and a strategic partnership with IBM Connections.

Synthesio’s global presence and focus on international markets was a significant draw for us. Like Criteo and Talend, who are also leaders in their fields, Synthesio is a company that we are thrilled to be working with and a part of what they do next,” said Matthieu Baret, Partner, Idinvest Partners.


Hub Forum 2013: The Future of Social Business Predicted

logo-HubForumSynthesio recently had the opportunity to interview speakers and participants at Hub Forum Paris 2013- THE meeting place for the best current experts – French and foreign – to exchange with the various practitioners and to review their communications strategy related to the real influence of their company in the social media sphere.

The Managing Director of the Synthesio Paris office, Thomas Le Gac, spoke in Panel e-reputation about the tremendous benefits of social media monitoring across the enterprise.

In this video interview recorded last October at Hub Forum 2013, Synthesio asked several Social Media experts from industry leading companies for their opinion on the future of social business, and their own social media and digital fueled projects and ideas for 2014.

Synthesio Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave Enterprise Listening Platforms Report


We’re excited to announce that Synthesio has recently been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 report.


The report which analyzed The 11 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up, named Synthesio as a leader, including the highest score for current offering and strategy.


Forrester Research, Inc., named Synthesio among Leaders cited for their advanced data processing capabilities, user-friendly dashboards, and strong integration and partnership plans.


According to Forrester, “European-based listening solution Synthesio was a leader in this study due to its superior global data coverage, automated analysis built from human coding, and functional dashboard. Synthesio has a strong road map that focuses on cooperative and connected sources of consumer feedback data. Well-satisfied customer references score the vendor highly for its flexibility and the frequency with which it recommends new approaches.


The report concludes that, “In the past, buyers selected tools based on the mix of data sources that they provided. Today, buyers need tools that provide more stakeholders with access to listening data. They seek tools that are easy to use, require little training, have many user role options, and have flexible reporting features so that they can expand use within their companies.”


The role and importance of social listening and engagement is rapidly increasing and it’s imperative that the technology and service offerings keep up with the growing demand for deeper, yet understandable data.

Let Synthesio prove the importance of social listening for your enterprise.  Contact us today for a demo, and see social intelligence in action.

This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown

happy-friday-bd-1024x1024Welcome to our Friday Social Media Rundown, rounding up the top stories in social media for the week, to keep you up to speed on the latest in industry trends and social media news.

Here are the week’s greatest hits, fails and headlines in social media.


Facebook Launches Trending Topics via Social Media Today

After adopting hashtags, Facebook will soon be rolling out the Trending Topics feature.

In the coming two weeks, the update will roll out to selected countries like US, UK, India, Canada & Australia; followed by launch in other countries and a launch on the mobile app.

Twitter Redesigns Desktop Homepage to Match Its Mobile Apps via Social Barrel

Twitter has redesigned its desktop homepage in a bid to match the look and feel of its mobile app versions.


The Olympics’ Social Media Secret Weapon via Mashable

The 2012 Olympic Games were accurately described by many as the world’s “first social Games” for the unprecedented ways in which digital communication connected athletes, media and fans. For the International Olympic Committee (IOC) this meant promoting the Games online played out more or less like you’d expect, primarily happening on Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook and Twitter are still in, of course; that’s where most Olympics fans from around the world hang out online. But to reach Russian fans in the Games’ host country, the IOC is relying on something entirely different: a social network called Vkontakte, or VK for short

Twitter ads can now be targeted based on email, user IDs via zdnet

Digital marketers can now use their companies’ CRM databases for creating tailored audiences on Twitter.

Advertisers bringing their campaigns to Twitter can hone in on their audiences through knowledge of items as simple as email addresses and user IDs.

Snapchat apologizes for jump in spam via CNET

Fresh from the bad buzz over its recent security snafu, the site is now trying to grapple with a bump in spam. In a blog posted Monday, Team Snapchat said that some members complained of an increase in Snap spam this past weekend. The tech folks at the company are trying to resolve the problem, according to the blog.

Yandex Adds Facebook Posts And Big Data To Its Search Results In Russia, Other Home Markets via TechCrunch

Yandex and Facebook had a notable run-in last year when a team of developers from the Russian search giant created a social search app called Wonder, which Facebook promptly blocked, leading to it shutting down. But in reality the two sides have been working together since 2010, and today comes the latest chapter in the collaboration. Yandex is launching a social search feature that will serve Yandex visitors related, real-time public posts from Facebook alongside other search results. Yandex, which accounts for around 60% of all searches in Russia, will also use Facebook firehose data to help provide more relevant results.

Synthesio Integrates Social Listening And Engagement Platform Into IBM Connections via Adotas

Synthesio has struck a major partnership with IBM that integrates their award-winning social media monitoring and engagement software into IBM Connections.

Did we miss anything this week? Let us know in the comments!

Synthesio Integrates its Social Listening and Engagement Platform into IBM Connections

This post was originally published by Adotas - Jan 10, 2014

Synthesio-IBM_150ADOTAS – Synthesio has partnered with IBM, integrating their award-winning social media monitoring and engagement software into IBM Connections.

Synthesio’s new integration takes IBM Connections social software to the next, competitive level with the ability to monitor all online networks for important posts about every selected aspect of a brand, capture and route them automatically to the key people in relevant departments (customer service, marketing, product development, HR, PR, etc.), along with the ability to engage with the poster in real-time without ever having to log into or out of Connections.

Here are a few key ways Synthesio’s partnership with IBM will help users simply and efficiently deliver real business results across the enterprise:

  • Users not only have access to actionable social media data in real-time, but the power to act on it.
  • Integration with IBM Connections enables users to leverage social media data directly from their existing Connections workflow.
  • By simply clicking on the Connections Share button, users can easily collaborate with team members by pushing posts to colleagues for follow up in IBM Connections – all from right within the IBM Connections Platform
  • Users can save time by giving influencers the attention they deserve in real-time – without memorizing another login, without learning any new software, and without interrupting their workflow. All within the IBM Connections platform.

This Week in Social Media – The Friday Rundown

happy-friday-bd-1024x1024In our Friday Roundup up we summarize the top stories in social media for the week, to keep you up to speed on the latest in industry trends and social media news.

From the funny social media response to the White House’s recent Obamacare tweet, to the social media marketing web frenzy surrounding the LeWeb 13 Paris – it has certainly been an exciting week in the social sphere.

Here are the week’s greatest hits, fails and top headlines in social media.


Twitter Buckles Under Pressure, Lets You Block Users Again via Mashable

Twitter reversed its stance on blocking a second time Thursday night, reverting to the original policy in the face of what it admitted was tremendous opposition on the service.


White House tweet + Photoshop = Obamacare jokes via Washington Post

Yesterday, The White House tweeted this image:

Within minutes came the parodies — both from opponents of Obamacare and random jokesters. Here’s an example from Senator Ted Cruz – check out the full story for more hilarious spoofs on the White House tweet.

The U.K. Prime Minister Went on Weibo and All Anyone Cared About Was When Sherlock Will Be Back via TIME

When UK Prime Minister David Cameron came on the Chinese social media site Sina Weibo for a public question and answer session, commenters had a lot of questions. Some were political, some personal, and others were about … Benedict Cumberbatch.

Instagram to let users send photos, videos directly to followers via Global Post

Instagram has added a new feature that lets users share photos and videos with up to 15 people rather than everyone who follows them on the popular Facebook-owned photo-sharing app.
Called Instagram Direct, the feature is available for Apple and Android phones, and users can choose up to 15 people who follow them on Instagram to share photos or videos.

The Top Social Media Insights Around LeWeb ’13 Paris – Post Game Report via Synthesio

LeWeb’13 Paris has come to an end, but with over 75, 500 LeWeb mentions on social media over the past few days, it has definitely left its mark on the digital community of Paris and beyond.

Synthesio’s Live Social Media Dashboard tracked all social media conversations surrounding LeWeb ’13 Paris; revealing engaging insights around the global reach of the event in our Twitter Heat Map, the hour-by-hour timeline of the evolution of LeWeb buzz, the hottest topics, and the top speakers andinfluencers driving the conversations.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments! Happy Friday!

Introducing The New Synthesio

Social listening, understanding, engagement, and collaboration is now easier, faster, more dynamic and more powerful. The New Synthesio is designed to bring social intelligence and business results even closer together

When you’re listening and engaging across all major social networks and media outlets, answering questions, getting feedback, and delivering rich brand experiences, its hard not to get overwhelmed. You can now cut through the social noise, focus on the conversations that matter most to your business, track and measure your online reputation, collaborate and engage in real time, and manage consumer relationships in one single, easy-to-use platform.

What’s new:

 1) Listening, understanding, engagement, and team collaboration. One Platform.

Brands can now listen, analyze & engage in real time, within one platform, around the world in over 50 languages across 190 countries. In one tool, you can now gather global insights about your brand, competition and industry and, in real time, engage directly with your community to create winning customer experiences, build advocacy and drive sales. View real-time conversations on all online channels, engage directly with specific users and discover new ways to dive into and share your data.


Now with Team Collaboration, you can get the right data to the right people at the right time. You can now send messages to your colleagues, route information to specific departments around your company, assign tasks, and request validation for sensitive responses.

Validation Required

2) Reveal high level insights in seconds with the new FlashDash.

You can now create instant Mini Dashboards for instant insights. Perform powerful searches with a single query. With our ad hoc insight tool, analyze global data in real time to quickly and easily:

- Understand the the success of a new campaign

- Explore the brand awareness of a new competitor

- Evaluate the impact of a potential online crisis

- Empower your team for your next business pitch


3) Build instant reports with real-time data. Reduce time to build reports by 50%.

Use report builder for real- time, one click reporting. You can now create and distribute the reports that your teams and executives want to see on a regular basis in a fraction of the time. Reporting results has never been so fast and easy.

Report Builder is seamlessly built-into the platform and allows customers to automatically build weekly, monthly or quarterly PowerPoint analysis reports directly within the platform – dramatically faster and easier than ever before.

exportpdfYou can choose from Synthesio’s wide array of widgets and charts, pull real-time data directly from your dashboards, type in your analysis and export. Reports can be exported directly to PDF, or to PowerPoint and further fine-tuned with your color-schemes, branding, etc. Ongoing reports are created instantly, ideal for periodic weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports. Subsequent reports are cloned with updated numbers so there is less room for error and no need for cumbersome reviews. You will now maintain consistently high quality and save time and rework.


With listening, engagement and team collaboration now in one tool, as well as enhanced and ad hoc research and reporting, our exciting new release is guaranteed to improve the way your team is using social to drive your business.

We are pleased to announce that this release is now available to all our customers. For more information please reach out to us at

Synthesio Welcomes New VP Global Marketing, Leah Pope

Over the last few years, businesses all over the world have gone beyond exploring “why” adopt social media, and begun asking “how.”

 Since 2006, we’ve been been helping brands operationalize social media to create real business results – by discovering valuable social insights, focusing on the conversations that matter most, tracking and measuring online reputation, collaborating and engaging in real time, and managing consumer relationships in social media.

As we continue to drive our global listening & engagement innovations, more brands than ever have been taking notice. We’ve grown rapidly to now work with many of the world’s leading Fortune 500 Brands across all continents. Today, we are delighted to welcome the newest member of our Synthesio NYC office. Drum roll, please…

LeahnewLeah Pope has joined us as VP of Global Marketing. She’s already busy planning, organizing, staffing, training, and managing all global marketing activities, including content strategy, brand promotion and product marketing.

Joining Synthesio from IBM where she was the Manager of Worldwide Marketing, Leah has a background of successfully delivering software products and services to market. Prior to joining IBM, Leah served as Director of Global Marketing for Lombardi Software, Inc., where she was responsible for all aspects of Lombardi’s worldwide strategic and tactical marketing. During her tenure, she increased lead flow and conversion by 80% each year, and helped build the company through its acquisition by IBM.

The entire Synthesio global team is thrilled to have Leah on board with her marketing expertise and enterprise technology solutions business savvy.

You can learn more about Leah on her LinkedIn page, and find her on Twitter at @Leah_Pope.

Please join us in welcoming Leah to the Synthesio team!