The Social Media World Forum (Europe) Post Game Report

By Julie | 

02 Apr 14 | 

Category: Events

SMWF-londonThis past Monday, thousands of people descended on The Brewery in London, for Social Media World Forum Europe – a gathering of some of the top thought leaders, and executives in social business.

Synthesio was at the Social Media World Forum in full force this year as a Silver Sponsor, with an exhibition stand – demoing the Synthesio platform, as well as moderating a panel - Global Brand Strategy: Balancing a central approach with local relevance. Speakers traded ideas around developing strategies for local and global real-time engagement, and best practices for incorporating mobile into global social strategies.

During the two-day social media fueled event, attendees and participants took to Twitter to share stories, thought provoking quotes from speakers, and connect with other attendees, using the hashtag #SMWF and #SMWF14.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the tremendous social media buzz surrounding the event.

Total # of Social Media Mentions of SMWF

Over 4,ooo mentions

Top Countries Posting about SMWF

United Kingdom 1,773

United States 490

Italy 150

Switzerland 134

Germany 117

Most Popular Topics at SMWF


Top Influencers



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Drive Customer Experience with Social Intelligence (ebook)

By Julie | 

28 Mar 14 | 

Category: Uncategorized

custexpCustomer service has never been so public – whether its, good, bad or non existent – social media has provided consumers with a megaphone to broadcast their experiences to the world.

With the advent of social media, smart businesses are equipping themselves with social strategies, not just to manage their online reputation, but to provide their customers with world-class customer service in real-time – something to truly write home about.

Check out the ebook below to learn how to build social intelligence strategies that scale with your organization, deliver results, and most importantly – drive customer experience.


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SXSW Goes Global on Social Media

By Julie | 

21 Mar 14 | 

Category: Infographics

Last week, thousands of South by Southwest conversations took the twitterverse by storm. The biggest technology and culture festival of the year started last Friday, March 07, and ran straight through to last Sunday, all over downtown Austin.

The social media buzz surrounding the conference has impressively reached new heights – this year’s festival drew over 2.2 million mentions on social media from around the world.

At Synthesio, we eagerly jump on the opportunity to track global conversations around an event of this magnitude with such a web frenzy surrounding it. So, we decided to take a sip from our Twitter Firehose and provide you with a snapshot of the tremendous global buzz around SXSW.

Top SXSW Stats

Over 2.2 million tweets in 10 days!

Massive global buzz in 36 languages across more than 200 countries

Most Popular SXSW Topics: 

  • “Joe” at #SXSWFilm
  • “Break Point” at #SXSWFilm
  • Lady Gaga at #SXSWMusic

Top 3 Countries: 

  • United States – 1,078,409
  • United Kingdom – 69,148
  • Canada – 42,998

Check out the infographic below for the FULL breakdown of global reach of SXSW on Social Media, or check out Social Times’ take on it in their recent post 



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Synthesio in the News: Leading the Way to Actionable Insights

By Julie | 

20 Mar 14 | 

Category: Synthesio news


After last week’s major announcement that Synthesio has secured $20 Million in funding from leading European private equity firm, Idinvest Partners, Synthesio continues to make headlines.

Check out this new feature story by AlleyWatch, outlining how Synthesio has become an Enterprise Social Listening leader with innovative new features, global capabilities and award-winning top quality data: Synthesio Leads the Way to Actionable Insights

“Big data.  For businesses seeking to learn about the general sentiment around their brands, the success of a marketing strategy or to gain customer feedback, there’s a plethora of data available on the Web on forums, blogs, mainstream media and social media.  But sifting through the millions of social discussions happening online can be a daunting task.  Even when companies are able to collect all this data, the real concern is how to make sense of it.  One company, Synthesio, a global social intelligence company with offices in New York, London, Singapore and France, is helping organizations turn that big data into analytics and actionable insights that fuel business intelligence, at scale.”

Read the full article here.



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Synthesio Secures $20 Million Investment from Idinvest Partners

By Leah Pope | 

14 Mar 14 | 

Category: Synthesio news

synt2Exciting news from Synthesio! We’re pleased to announce Synthesio has secured $20 Million in funding from leading European private equity firm, Idinvest Partners.

This investment will be used for continued innovation, research and product development, as well as expansion and development of the global team located in offices in New York, London, Paris, and Singapore.

The $20 million investment follows a year of growth and accolades for Synthesio that includes:

  • Earning the highest scores of all Enterprise Listening Platforms in the The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 report for our advanced data processing capabilities, user-friendly dashboards, and strong integration and partnership plans

  • Identified as one of the top choices for companies looking to monitor and analyze social media on a global scale in Gartner’s Who’s Who in Social Media Analytics

  • Named in the Future Fifty programme as one of the 50 most promising tech companies operating in the UK & as one of the 100 most innovative, high growth ventures in the UK by the SVC2UK Top 100 Club

  • Being named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA, which recognizes the 500 fastest growing tech companies in EMEA

  • 100% growth in clients and revenue in the last year and a strategic partnership with IBM Connections.

Synthesio’s global presence and focus on international markets was a significant draw for us. Like Criteo and Talend, who are also leaders in their fields, Synthesio is a company that we are thrilled to be working with and a part of what they do next,” said Matthieu Baret, Partner, Idinvest Partners.



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The Top Influencers Driving the Conversation at SXSW 2014

By Julie | 

13 Mar 14 | 

Category: Events

sxswlogoSouth by Southwest kicked off  last Thursday, and as expected, the 10-day event took downtown Austin AND the twitterverse by storm once again.  The biggest technology and culture festival of the year, started Friday, March 7, and will run straight through to Sunday, March 16.

Each year SXSW successfully brings together a unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies, helping  entrepreneurs, tech investors, musicians and filmmakers, to see and be seen – with a little help from twitter.

With all these SXSW conversations taking place online – we decided to put together a live leaderboard using our proprietary influence ranking system, SynthesioRank, to track the top  influencers driving the SXSW conversation.

Check out our Live SXSW Leaderboard here.

Are you a top SXSW influencer? Well, what are you waiting for? Get tweeting! #SXSW




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Synthesio at SXSW Interactive 2014

By Julie | 

06 Mar 14 | 

Category: Events

South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive

Austin, TX | March 7-11, 2014

Synthesio will be in Austin, TX, March 7-11, 2014 for South By Southwest Interactive. Here is a quick recap of where we will be, be sure to stop by for a visit.


Austin, TX | March 7-8, 2014

Synthesio will sponsor the OMMA@SXSW show this year, and are excited to be the listening partner for this great event. We will be on-site March 8 to demo our social listening platform with real-time data from the event.

Meet With Us

We will be on-site to meet with press, analysts and key contacts in the industry. Contact us today to schedule a time to meet with us.

SXSW-PRINT-AD-blog (2)



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Is Social Media the world’s largest focus group?

By Catriona | 

28 Feb 14 | 

Category: Social media monitoring best practices

Tfourth_sourcehis post was originally featured on The Fourth Source blog on February 28, 2014.

Most of us use social media fairly well in our personal lives, but that obviously doesn’t necessarily mean we use it to its full potential in a professional capacity.

Updating statuses, posting photos and staying in touch with friends is one thing. However, using social media platforms to manage the reputation of a brand and gain meaningful insights into consumer behaviour is an entirely different beast.

If businesses are to get the most out of social media, the first thing CEOs and Managing Directors need to understand is that social media is not just the preserve of marketing and customer service. For effective social media engagement to take place, all areas of a business must have access to the wealth of insights offered by platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

For many companies social media is managed by a community manager sitting within the marketing or customer service teams. This system for the most part works well. If social media is handled by marketing, the Twitter or Facebook feed is a procession of company and product news, interspersed with the odd statement when things haven’t gone to plan.

If social media is the preserve of the customer service team, it becomes a conduit for quick-fire responses to queries and complaints, and a good way to put a human face on a large corporation. In an ideal world, the marketing and customer service teams communicate well together and social media becomes an avenue for both complaints handling and proactive communication.

The problem is social media can be much more useful. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and forums form part of the biggest focus group the world has ever seen. The web contains a wealth of real-time information and insights into consumer behaviour. This revelation will come as little surprise to community managers.

However, the senior management team or indeed, other departments of the same company, often have little access to the types of social insights their community management teams are exposed to on a daily basis. Many companies have taken to compartmentalising social media, leaving reams of customer information and product or brand feedback sitting within their ‘social’ teams.

Few companies proactively analyse, distribute and act on the data they have at their fingertips to reveal underlying trends or insights that could improve their products, services, customer support or marketing.

There are, however, some brands which do integrate the information they glean from social media into their business plan. Brands which aspire to become truly social businesses include Nissan, which has incorporated social media KPIs, such as the Synthesio Social Reputation Score, into the heart of the way it measures and plans campaigns. In the case of Nissan, the car manufacturer used the insights gained from using Synthesio’s tools to better inform their strategy around a large integrated marketing campaign for the electric Nissan Leaf.

Using social media listening, Nissan identified five key barriers to the uptake of electric vehicles, including concerns over battery life, charging infrastructure and total cost of ownership. They also discovered that after someone had driven a Leaf, they were much more likely to be an advocate of the vehicle. Nissan’s creative agencies used these insights to devise a campaign that directly addressed the identified barriers to purchase, providing facts and information to lessen people’s concerns.

The campaign was also structured in a way that drove people towards dealerships for test drives. Nissan used listening to measure the impact of the campaign in terms of positively shifting attitudes and conversations. The campaign was a huge success and supported the Leaf’s rise as the world’s number one electric car.

BT, Viacom, Toyota, BNP Paribas and Mars are also examples of companies which are both proactively listening to customers and trying to ensure the knowledge gained is shared with the stakeholders who have the ability to act on those insights, irrespective of what department they are based within.

BT uses social media listening to not just monitor quality of service but also aid the launch of new products. Additionally, in crisis situations, BT uses the insights and analysis picked up by its monitoring dashboards to identify issues early on and stop the development of negative situations.

As a result of BT’s success with social media listening, the telecom company has raised the profile of social listening within the company, with regular reports now being delivered at managing director level.

The examples of Nissan and BT prove the value that effective engagement with social media can offer to business or a brand.

Social media can be used for so much more than simply disseminating news and handling customer complaints. This reactive approach is now the very least a brand should do online. The best companies take a more proactive approach. They analyse the insights gained from social media and then assimilate these findings with their central business strategy.

In short, information should not sit in one department, it should be made readily available to senior executives and workers in all areas of a business. Social media, when fully understood and used correctly, can provide invaluable insights which are nearly impossible to find elsewhere.


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Social Media Week 2014 – The Post Game Report

By Julie | 

24 Feb 14 | 

Category: Events

WebLast week, eight cities around the world celebrated Social Media Week, a truly worldwide event with local presence and global reach across five continents, including Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

We’ve tracked all social media conversations surrounding Social Media Week 2014, to provide you with engaging insights into the overall worldwide reach of the event, trending topics, and our list of top influencers driving the conversations.

Some of the top trending topics this year include: emerging, trends, social, marketing, listen, manage and respect.

Here’s an interesting bird’s eye view for the global reach of SMW social media buzz, and of course the star of the show – your top influencers.

Total SMW Mentions on Social Media

Almost 130,000 tweets in 5 days!

Most Social Media Mentions by Country

U.S. – over 25,700 mentions

Italy – over 24,400 mentions

India  –  over 19,100 mentions

Top SMW Global Influencers




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Hub Forum 2013: The Future of Social Business Predicted

By Julie | 

21 Feb 14 | 

Category: Events, Synthesio news

logo-HubForumSynthesio recently had the opportunity to interview speakers and participants at Hub Forum Paris 2013- THE meeting place for the best current experts – French and foreign – to exchange with the various practitioners and to review their communications strategy related to the real influence of their company in the social media sphere.

The Managing Director of the Synthesio Paris office, Thomas Le Gac, spoke in Panel e-reputation about the tremendous benefits of social media monitoring across the enterprise.

In this video interview recorded last October at Hub Forum 2013, Synthesio asked several Social Media experts from industry leading companies for their opinion on the future of social business, and their own social media and digital fueled projects and ideas for 2014.


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