Why Sports Needs Social Intelligence

By Adam Dalezman | 

19 Nov 14 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Online Reputation, Social media monitoring best practices, Sports, Sports Marketing, Technology

Sports leagues and teams have an obvious need for Social Intelligence, as they need to know what their players are up to, and make sure that no one is saying or doing anything to embarrass their brand. However, there are a lot more ways that teams, leagues and sponsors can (and should) be using social media. Specifically, there are three main ways to use Social Intelligence when it comes to sports:

    1.     Security
    2.     Online Reputation
    3.     Customer Support

We currently work with one of the “big 4” sports leagues in America, helping them use social media for security purposes. This means that they use our platform to monitor for anyone posting menacing threats online about specific players and stadiums, determining whether the person is actually at the game and then taking appropriate measures to make sure that the security risk is handled and taken care of.  The ability to quickly and efficiently track specific keywords and phrases and be able to geo-target the posters is something that is crucial for every sports team and league.

While a sports franchise or league obviously wants to keep track of their online reputation, the brands that spend massive amounts of money really need to know whether their sponsorship investment is paying off. Sponsoring a team or league is a great way to get brand recognition among a much wider and broader audience, however it is important to know if the investment is paying off. Proper Social Intelligence tools can give you that answer. For example, using our Social Reputation Score, you can monitor how your online reputation may or may not improve during a sponsorship campaign. Being able to have access to this concrete ROI information is the most important thing that a brand can have when they are paying big sponsorship money.

Finally, in today’s world of ultra-HD TVs, fantasy sports and TV packages that allow access to any and every game at any time, sports teams and leagues are desperately trying to find ways to get fans to come to games and not watch them at home. Attendance figures are crucial for a sport’s survival, and this is why it is important to be able to use social media for real-time customer support issues during a game. When fans post about poor WiFi, food options, dangerously rowdy fans, etc., it is important for the leagues and teams to be able to immediately respond and be able to work to fix the issues.

The sports industry is one that has many uses for Social Intelligence; feel free to read some of our sports-related case-studies to learn more.


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Get Engaged To Your Online Customers

By Adam Dalezman | 

12 Nov 14 | 

Category: Events, Marketing 2.0, Online Reputation

Customer Engagement World in New York City last week provided us an incredible opportunity to meet with great companies and help them understand how imperative social media is to customer engagement. We were also able to teach them about the importance of understanding your Social Reputation Score, as well as those of your competitors.

Since we focused on teaching the importance of social media and Social Intelligence when engaging with your customers, we decided to also take the opportunity to track the global conversations around the conference. Here are some engaging insights into the overall reach of the event, trending topics and our final list of top influencers driving the conversations.

Most Popular Topics

Customer Engagement World Social Media CRM Social Intelligence Social Media Monitoring Social Analytics

Top 10 Influencers

Customer Engagement World Social Media Monitoring Social Intelligence Social Analytics Social Listening


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Call-Centers: The New Social Frontier

By Adam Dalezman | 

11 Nov 14 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, Events, Marketing 2.0, Social media monitoring best practices

Our CEO Loic Moisand is fond of saying that social media will replace the 1-800 customer service lines within the next few years. This prediction could also have been the unofficial slogan for Useful Social Media’s Social Media for Customer Service Summit in New York City last week. We were honored to be able to have a booth there, and have Loic speak alongside Dunkin Donuts and American Airlines for a panel discussion titled “Training to take your frontline support team to the next level: Empower your agents to use their personality in customer interactions – whilst maintaining brand voice.”

Useful social media social intelligence social analytics social media monitoring social mediaThe overall discussions throughout the entire conference could all be summarized by looking at the incredible ability that a brand has to have a personal relationship with it’s consumers, but that this also presents a large responsibility to make sure that this relationship is treated correctly. For example, just like a customer service call-center would never ignore a phone call, a brand’s social media platforms can’t ignore customer service requests that they get from social media.

Social media is a powerful tool and the connection that it provides consumers and brands is unparalleled with anything we’ve ever had before, this is why it is so important to make sure that companies are fully prepared to handle all customer service interactions. Events like this from Useful Social Media are helping to make sure that these companies are fully prepared. The only way that these brands will be able to realize the full potential of customer service via social media is through training and having the right tools, and we are so glad that we could be able to be a part of this.

For more information about the intersection of customer service and social media, please read our e-book: Be Social Driven: Succeeding with Social Customer Care.


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Riffle by CrowdRiff Now Integrated Into Synthesio’s Social Intelligence Platform

By Adam Dalezman | 

10 Nov 14 | 

Category: International online monitoring, Marketing 2.0, Online Reputation, Social media monitoring best practices, Synthesio news, Technology

riffle logoA connected social ecosystem is crucial for our customers to quickly and easily access, share, compare and measure data. We are continually working to extend our ecosystem for our customers, and this week we want to highlight an exciting new integration with Riffle by CrowdRiff, a Google Chrome extension that allows users to get Twitter engagement, interest and activity analytics in real-time.

This exciting partnership bolsters our ability to provide unrivaled amounts of data on each user and their social presence and influence. Riffle by CrowdRiff allows users to access individual metrics about a Twitter profile that expands on our unique Social Reputation Score by adding Klout score, linked accounts, top hashtags, top mentions and many more. Keeping it simple for our customers, all you need is a Riffle by CrowdRiff account to get the integration up and running in your workspace.


Our customers can now get a more complete picture to better understand and target their influencers turning them into brand ambassadors. Influencer programs are integral to any brand as they provide trusted personal recommendations to consumers giving you an edge over your competitors.

Customers now have the ability to see what hashtags are important to their influencers and who is mentioning them, providing a more complete picture of their industries as well as their influencers.

If you are interested in learning more about this integration, or any of our other offerings, please contact us here, and someone will get back to you shortly.


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Social Intelligence – the secret weapon to social success

By Julie | 

07 Nov 14 | 

Category: Events

With a theme of “Your Secret Weapon to Social Media Success,” we knew that this was going to be a great event that would be filled with incredible thoughts, tips and tools to help brands grow their social presence and strategy. The event certainly did not disappoint.

With an incredible line-up of speakers, including our very own VP of Client Services Ben Farkas, the information that was given was both humorous and incredibly useful. Tips ranged from Peter Shankman saying “the internet runs on 3 things: drama bragging & cats” to Clay Hebert’s tips on how to save money on advertising by explaining that “landing pages can have a really high ROI because they allow you to only pay the advertising tax once.”

And of course our own Ben Farkas’ tip that “the brands who mature, move up the curve and think strategically to set real, tangible goals.”

“The great thing about Social Fresh was that we were able to have candid conversations with people who wanted to learn but didn’t know where to begin. It was a really fun and energetic conference and I think that everyone left with a deeper understanding and appreciation on how to achieve social media success for their brands,” Ben said at the conclusion of the event.

Since this was a social conference, we decided to also take the opportunity to track the global conversations around the conference. Here are some engaging insights into the overall reach of the event, trending topics and our final list of top influencers driving the conversations.



And as you can see, we definitely had a great time at Social Fresh West and can’t wait to come back next year:

photo name


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Talking Social Listening Road Maps at Forrester’s Forum

By Adam Dalezman | 

06 Nov 14 | 

Category: Events

We were thrilled to be able to attend Forrester’s latest forum in Chicago, Forrester’s Forum For eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals. It was an incredible opportunity to learn, teach and discuss how to successfully roll out and plan your digital presence and Social Listening strategy.  It is always fun for us when we get to talk to people who are trying to learn as much as they can about our favorite subject, how to implement and enhance their customer experience journey through social media.


Synthesio CEO Loic Moisand’s presentation at the Forrester Forum in Chicago

The number one thing that we learned was something that our CEO Loic Moisand actually addressed in his session: leading organizations have definitely brought social media into their company, however their biggest struggle is to find the business value and ROI in the social media data. This is where Social Intelligence comes in, and we sure do love to talk about it, so it was great to hear Loic discuss how to use Social Intelligence to optimize the journey through a customer’s life-cycle by building a customer-focused social practice, establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) at each stage to make sure you’re staying on-point, engage with consumers across the entire life-cycle through social media and make sure that social media is actually integrated into your entire businesses’ corporate strategy and road map.

Some other great highlights from the Forum (outside of the amazing and seemingly never-ending food) included:

  • Meeting with exciting and energized brand teams that were eager to soak up as much information as they could about how to enhance their customer experience journey through social.
  • Learning from incredibly smart and forward-thinking brands that have already begun (and succeeded) to incorporate social media as a viable channel in their overall omni-channel user experience strategy.
  • Meeting and speaking with the folks responsible for improving the customer experience at brands that I do business with regularly, and realizing just how much they care about improving their store’s customer experience.
  • Obviously, we can’t mention the Forrester Forum without saying how great it was to meet with key Forrester analysts for insights into the marketing trends that they are seeing develop for 2015


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Improving the End to End Customer Experience: Introducing Synthesio’s Latest Social Intelligence Product Release

By Julie | 

03 Nov 14 | 

Category: Synthesio news

The New and Improved Synthesio Experience is now live!

Our October “Experience” Release includes new and improved features making the Synthesio Social Listening, Analytics and Engagement platform faster, more dynamic and even easier to use.

New improvements to the Synthesio platform include a new, sleek user interface, updates to audience segmentation and targeting abilities, and advanced management of accounts and permissions across multiple projects.

We have also included new built in templates, use cases and best practices, allowing our customers to quickly build and access social analytics and insights tailored to their business use cases and goals. Customers will now be able to get up and running even quicker with instant access to the information that matters most to them and their teams.


This week we also unveiled a brand new Command Center, providing unique ways to visualize and promote social data, while focusing on live business-facing metrics. Our customers value complete access to their social data and analytics across their organizations, and our new command center will help them scale their social programs across the business.

Not a customer yet? Contact us today for demo to see the New Synthesio Experience in action!


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Optimize Social Campaigns and Boost ROI with Predictive Analysis

By Julie | 

24 Oct 14 | 

Category: Social media monitoring best practices

Launching a social campaign without conducting a thorough analysis of your target markets, segments, consumers, and past campaigns can lead to subpar results. That’s why it’s critical to use social data to fuel campaign creative and strategy which will boost the performance of your campaigns. As you run more campaigns and gather more data on the performance of your campaigns you can begin to correlate campaign specifics (e.g. content types, timing, duration, target markets) with success.

Over time this type of analysis will illuminate the types of campaigns that are likely to produce the strongest results and highest ROI for your business. Underperforming programs fall into a variety of categories. The most common, visualized by the charts below, are typically referred to within the industry as “flop,” “bad buzz,” and “no spread.”

A campaign that “flops” is one that fails to produce any significant or sustained increase in buzz. A “bad buzz” campaign is one that generates a boost in buzz – but most of it negative. Finally, a “no spread” campaign is one that produces a very brief and unsustainable, although significant, increase in buzz.

(click images to enlarge)

FlopBad Buzz

With these examples of underperforming campaigns in mind let’s take a look at what a high-performing campaign might look like:


While this is just one example of a successful program, there are several key points that can be applied generally to your campaign measurement methodology. Ideally, the start of a new campaign will quickly generate a sustained (and steep) upward slope in positive buzz volume (as seen here), which should peak somewhere in the range of 4 to 10x your pre-campaign volume baseline. How long it takes to reach this peak depends on a great number of factors, including the mediums in which your material is appearing, the frequency of content placement, virality, and more.

Once your campaign has reached its peak, there should then be a gradual downslope of sustained positive buzz. This drop-off will ideally level out to a post-campaign baseline that is markedly — if not greatly – higher than your pre-campaign baseline. It’s important to chart the slope of every campaign, regardless of overall success, because over time you will be able to aggregate this information and turn it into an actionable body of historical campaign data.

This can then be called upon with each successive program to fuel predictive insights that will help you optimize campaign attributes both pre and post-launch. For instance, if you have found that high volume mixed-media campaigns tend to produce faster, higher peaks, that may be a program type you wish to rely upon more greatly in the future.

Moreover, by mapping each campaign you will be able to compare it to previous ones and develop useful predictions based on the data coming in. If the data appears to suggest suboptimal performance vis-á-vis historical data, then corrective steps can be taken to boost results. Adjusting campaign messaging, content, target markets and geographies, and budget are a few of the steps that brands take to optimize campaigns that seem to flagging in the early stages. Once such steps have been taken, it’s then important to gather data on the impact of those corrective measures on campaign performance.

Did adjustments in messaging and content boost the campaign peak over what was originally projected? Did an injection of extra budget midway through the program help to extend a period of post-peak buzz? Gathering and analyzing these types of data will help you gain a deeper understanding of which corrective actions are promoting higher campaign performance and which are not as effective.


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Synthesio Is On The Road, Come See Where We’ll Be!

By Julie | 

23 Oct 14 | 

Category: Events

2014 has been a banner year for us at Synthesio and we’re continuing to move ahead at a dizzying pace as we head towards 2015. We kicked off 2014 by growing our global presence with the expansion of our operations in Asian-Pacific and announcement of Vincent Camara as the new VP Asia Pacific. We were named a leader in the Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 report, we announced our series B and we reinvested the funding into growing and expanding our workforce while continuing to build and innovate our industry leading platform.

As we head towards the end of the year, we are thrilled to be playing our part in strengthening the Social Intelligence and Social Listening market, and participating in many key industry events that will help continue our growth. If you can, please come see us at any of the following events (and for a real-time updated list of where we will be, and to get more information, check out the announcement we released with our events schedule):

Forrester’s Forum for e-Business and Channel Strategy Professionals

  • Chicago, IL
  • October 28-29


  • San Diego, CA
  • October 28-30

The Arab International Public Relations Conference

  • Vienna, Austria
  • November 3-4

Social Media for Customer Service Summit

  • New York, NY
  • November 4-5

14th Annual Automotive CRM & Marketing Excellence

  • Berlin, Germany
  • November 5-6

Customer Engagement World

  • New York, NY
  • November 5-6

Monitoring Forum 2014

  • Munich, Germany
  • December 2


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4 Ways Retail Brands Can Stock Up On Social Intelligence

By Julie | 

15 Oct 14 | 

Category: Social media monitoring best practices

Shopping-cart-01Social media has shifted the power to consumers and given them a platform for their voices to be heard – in real-time. Not only has social media created this opportunity for consumers to voice their complaints and concerns around products and brands – it has also created an environment of transparency, and Retailers and Manufacturers must work harder than ever before to manage their reputation and find new and innovative ways to harness the power of social media to connect with their consumer base. To gain a competitive edge, Retail brands need to listen and analyze these conversations about their brands, their products and industry –  to make better decisions about their merchandise, stores, service and promotions – and develop and nurture long-lasting relationships with their consumers and community.


Understand the Retail Social Landscape

 Listening to social media helps you hone in on where your communities are. Do your customers and prospects engage on Twitter, blogs, forums, mainstream news sites, or all of the above? Which keywords do they use most often? Maybe they are discussing “coupons”, “malls”, “stores”, “retail” or “shopping”. A social listening platform will help you seek out these conversations to give you a better understanding of who your supporters are and where they like to engage. This information will be crucial when you are ready to develop dialogues with them. One of the world’s leading luxury watch manufacturers used the Synthesio dashboard to discover the bulk of conversations about which expensive watch to buy, were taking place not on fashion or luxury goods sites, but on automotive forums – particularly those relating to Formula 1 Racing. The luxury watch brand used this insight to connect with their customers by sharing a passion for fast cars through sponsoring Formula 1 events.  

Gain Insight into your Consumer Base

 Listening to social media can help you learn more about your consumers’ preferences, behaviors, perceptions about your brand, and trends in products and shopping. Monitoring and analyzing social media sentiment can help you understand the market reaction to product launches and measure the success of your promotional campaigns. By geo-targeting your search, you can focus on what’s important in that region, analyze the effects of your marketing campaign in specific areas, and seek out new potential consumers to engage with. Synthesio worked with a leading skincare manufacturer to provide ongoing monitoring of mentions relating to their new foundation. Through social listening they discovered that  consumers loved the product but said it made their faces a little too shiny. The brand took action with an early launch of a new product in the pipeline – an oil-free version of the cream.

Provide Shoppers with Real-Time Customer Service

Social Media has transferred the power away from businesses and to consumers. The days of a single source controlling a brand’s reputation are long gone. With social media, consumers now have a public platform to share their voice with the world, and all too often with a negative tone. Consumer complaints which were once hidden behind letters and phone calls, are now on display for the world to see…including potential customers.  Social intelligence platforms not only help online customer service teams discover brand mentions and customer issues in real-time, but also provide a platform for routing customer issues to the appropriate department to fix issues at hand. Kohl’s is one of the most proactive retail brands on social media, reaching out to customers via Facebook, Twitter and incorporating social media for product reviews and shopping assistance into the Kohl’s website for easy sharing.

Identify Influencers

 There are a variety of influence-scoring platforms that can provide information about key industry influencers. Some of these tools can also provide detail on the levels of influence generated by web sites or media type, e.g. how many of your Twitter followers are clicking your links and retweeting your content, the level of engagement within your Facebook page, etc.

  • Blogger
  • Facebook User
  • Twitter User
  • Journalist
  • Forum Member

The ability to accurately identify the influence of a brand mention, website, or individual can provide a variety of benefits, including:

  • Filtering through thousands of mentions to find that needle in the haystack.
  • Identifying key communities of advocates (or detractors) in order to more accurately target your advertising and communications.
  • Streamlining customer service efforts by prioritizing your resources and responses to ultimately improve brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and sales.

For more information on creating an effective social listening strategy for retail, sign up for our upcoming webinar: How Retail Brands Can Harness the Power of Social Intelligence


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