The Sixth Day of Blogging – Create Compelling Content that Resonates

By Julie | 

17 Dec 14 | 

Category: Marketing 2.0

Please note that this post is a part of our holiday inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with June:

Every so often, a brand will really nail it with content marketing. Done right, compelling content will hook, entice and delight communities; while humanizing the brand itself, keeping it front of mind. Dove has become a leader in delivering viral videos that don’t just entertain their audience, but they strive to strike a chord with viewers by providing emotionally touching content.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.35.14 AMDove Men+Care pulled on our heartstrings last Father’s Day with a sweet and timely marketing campaign called #RealDadMoments, showing clips of children of all ages calling for their dads in all types of situations, from tears, tickles to tantrums.

The short film challenged gender stereotypes and shed a heartwarming light on fatherhood at the perfect time. The touching Father’s Day campaign triggered sharing across all social media channels, and it’s been viewed over 12 million times on Youtube.


Interested in learning more about how CPG brands are engaging with their communities in fun and unique ways? Check out our ebook: Drive Sales for your CPG Brand with Social Intelligence.


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On The Fifth Day of Blogging: Identify Your Influencers And Become One Yourself

By Adam Dalezman | 

16 Dec 14 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, B2C Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Technology, Web 2.0

Please note that this post is a part of our holiday inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with May:

Influencers are perhaps the most important people that any brand can identify on social media. They are the people who become your brand ambassadors, the people who are your brand’s biggest supporters on social media, and they have the following to make sure that these praises don’t go unheard. On the flip side, an influencer can also be negative for your brand if they are influential but are unhappy with you and your company.

This is why it’s crucial that you identify who your influencers, so that you can take advantage of those that can become brand ambassadors and negate the ones that are going to negatively impact you.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, proved just how important influencers can be, and why you should become your own brand’s influencer yourself. By tweeting out a YouTube video that he found that featured two college students making a fake ad for Tesla, Elon proved that influencers can be anywhere, and provided a great example of how to interact with them. He is also constantly tweeting and posting about Tesla in a way that a truly passionate fan (not just a CEO) does, thus showing that while he might be the company’s CEO, he is also a true brand ambassador as well.

Elon Musk Twitter Social Media Tesla

What do you think of our choice for May? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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On The Fourth Day of Blogging: Real-Time Engagement

By Adam Dalezman | 

15 Dec 14 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, B2C Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Social media monitoring best practices, Technology

When it comes down to it for social media, the ultimate goal for any brand is to be able to engage and interact with your customers in real-time. In April, Qdoba achieved that in a fun and exciting way that created great buzz for the brand from their consumers.

Qdoba Queso Showdown Social Media

Qdoba launched its Queso Showdown, a social media campaign where fans voted between two different queso dishes, and the winning queso flavor would be handed out to any consumers/fans that registered for it, for free one day. The most incredible feature of this campaign was the fact that Qdoba updated the results of the voting in real-time throughout this contest. The constant real-time updates helped excite fans and create a buzz to get their favorite flavor to win so they can get free food.

The point of social media marketing is to reach new audiences, take advantage of the ability to interact with your customers in real-time and build a buzz around your brand. In April of 2014, Qdoba did each of these things, and they did each of them very well.

What do you think of our choice for April? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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On The Third Day of Blogging: Influencer Marketing

By Adam Dalezman | 

12 Dec 14 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, B2C Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Online Reputation, Social media monitoring best practices, Technology, Web 2.0

Please note that this post is a part of our holiday inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with March:

Ellen Degeneres Oscars Selfie Social Media MonitoringLong before Kim Kardashian ever “broke the internet,” in the month of March, the social media world (and the entire internet for that matter) belonged to Samsung and Ellen Degeneres. If you didn’t see, or somehow didn’t hear about, her “oscars selfie,” then you definitely aren’t on social media. There isn’t much more left to say about this incredible moment in influencer marketing history that hasn’t been said. However, we should state that obviously it is not easy to be able to have the access to Ellen Degeneres and the Oscars as a platform for your influencer marketing, but the point remains that it is important to identify who your influencers are and how can you work with them to make the biggest splash for your brand.

Just for fun, some stats about Ellen’s “selfie:”

  • It is the most retweeted selfie of all time
  • It garnered more than 1 million retweets in only 45 minutes
  • It has genereated almost 3.4 million retweets to-date
  • It has been favorited over 2 million times

What do you think of our choice for March? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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On The Second Day of Blogging: Injecting Fun Into Your Brand

By Adam Dalezman | 

11 Dec 14 | 

Category: B2C Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Social media monitoring best practices, Technology, Web 2.0

Please note that this post is a part of our holiday inspired series of blog posts, the “12 Days of Blogging.” We are looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Today, we continue this series with February:

Of the overused marketing phrases that brands love, none get thrown around more than “be edgy” and “be fun.” However, more of than not, companies aren’t willing to take the risk of actually doing that. This is why for February, we want to look at how Coke ignored the risk, stopped taking themselves so seriously and even poked fun of their own consumers with a hysterical video they released on social media.

Coke Coca Cola Coca-Cola Social Media

In a humorous video, Coke offered up a fake product that was aimed at stopping people from constantly checking their phone and curing their phone addictions, coke branded dog collars. While it is certainly easier for an established and popular brand like Coke to pull something like this off, since they know that in the end this will not offend customers to the point that they will no longer drink Coke, it is a great example of ways that companies can use social media to create a personality and inject fun into their brand.

What do you think of our choice for February? Leave a comment below and let us know. And to learn more about how Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands should be using social media, take a look at our CPG eBook.


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On The First Day of Blogging: Audience Identification

By Adam Dalezman | 

10 Dec 14 | 

Category: B2C Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Social media monitoring best practices, Technology, Web 2.0

This is the first post in a holiday inspired series of blog posts that we will be publishing over the next 12 business days. We are calling this series the “12 Days of Blogging.” We will be looking at the brands and the stories that have made the biggest social media splashes in each month of 2014. Please let us know what you think of our choices by commenting on our posts. Today, we are starting with January:

In January, the website eConsultancy looked at how Lowe’s, the long-running home improvement store, has refreshed its image and its customer engagement through social media. What the article highlights is how Lowe’s has embraced the fact that in today’s world, retailers need to be utilizing social media for customer engagement purposes.

Lowes Social Media Home Improvement Audience IdentificationIn essence, what makes the work that Lowe’s did on Vine, Facebook and Pinterest really stand out is that it is different for each platform. They took the time to research and understand who their audience is, and, more importantly, where their audiences are located. The Social Intelligence that they gained allowed them to tailor their social strategy for each platform that they were using. This is the type of great information that can be gleaned from proper Social Intelligence, and why Lowe’s was a definitely a social media winner and a great example of the type of data that every brand should be accessing and taking advantage of for their social media plans.


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Highlights from the Social Media Monitoring Forum 2014 in Munich

By Julie | 

10 Dec 14 | 

Category: Events

Last week, Synthesio sponsored and presented at the Social Media Monitoring FORUM 2014 in Munich #somofo14. Our team had an exciting opportunity to share our vision around the future of Social Intelligence for enterprise level brands, to an engaged and dynamic audience.

The main theme of this year’s Social Media Monitoring FORUM 2014 was around the success factors for implementing a Social Media Excellence program within your organization.

In his #somofo14 presentation this year, Synthesio Global Accounts and Partnerships EMEA, Nicolas Saintagne, focused on how to put social into the DNA of your business, turn social insights into strategy and develop clear Key Performance Indicators to effectively measure the impact of social marketing activities.


We also had the pleasure to welcome Ben Schneider, Research Director at Edelman Berland, who educated us on “War Rooms” – the Synthesio fuelled social media command centers that agencies use in times of client crises, to route issues and engage.

Ben's presentation

There were many wisdom packed, fascinating sessions from Social Intelligence thought leaders from the EU region and beyond, throughout the two day event. For example, Benedikt Köhler, Chief Data Scientist at YourSocialArt explained how we can now use the colors in Flickr pics to forecast the weather.


In case you missed our presentation this year, take a look at our new ebook that will help you create Key Performance Indicators that will scale across the enterprise.


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8 Ways to Create a First Class Social Media Strategy For the Travel Industry

By Julie | 

03 Dec 14 | 

Category: Uncategorized

Whether you’re an airline, cruise ship, hotel, amusement park, casino, restaurant or a destination marketing organization – effective social media marketing and engagement is crucial to the success of your business.

Tourism is an important pillar in almost every country’s economy – and in the last few years, some countries and organizations have been leading the way in leveraging social media to entice tourists to visit their locations and businesses, with some truly amazing and innovative social media marketing initiatives.

These successful social media fuelled marketing pursuits have provided the travel, tourism and leisure industry with inspiration and best practices around leveraging social media to create buzz around their destinations and businesses, and for providing world-class, real-time customer service through social listening.

1. Be Your Community’s Concierge

Planning for a vacation can be very difficult. There’s so much to plan – where to go, where to eat, where to stay, how to get there – social media gives travel & tourism organizations the tools to develop creative ways to help tourists plan their vacation. Inspire, engage and add value for your customers and community by providing them with useful insider travel information and a holistic overview of the destination.

Virgin Atlantic’s award winning travel website links travellers around the world through an online community. It uses a special recommendations service to suggest site content from similar users, to provide helpful and relevant travel information tailored to each community member. The site includes real time updates on the top 50 events happening in the destination a traveller is visiting.


2. Create a Social Tourism Information Booth

Use your brand’s social media channels to provide useful updates and information on local events and situations that may affect their vacation, with helpful ways to plan around these events.

Big Five Tours & Expeditions Takes Proactive Approach in Egypt Crisis: Concerned about their guests amid the crisis in Egypt, Big Five directors recorded a series of audio messages and videos and uploaded to their Facebook page. They also posted real-time reports to Twitter.


3. Encourage Travelers to Share their Stories

Travel stories are typically the most engaging and fascinating stories – they’re colorful tales of discovering new places, people and food – full of excitement and wonder. They tell a very personal experience, but they inspire and entice your audience to create their own adventure. Find innovative and exciting ways to encourage your community to share their own experiences, through stories and photos.

In Tourism Queensland’s 2009 “Best Job in the World” campaign they created a global search for an Island Caretaker, whose job was to live on Hamilton Island for 6 months, explore the islands around the Great Barrier Reef and blog about it. Tourism Queensland saw over 34,000 video applicants from 197 countries, over 8 million website hits, 378,735 Facebook referrals, a 93% increase in followers and over 610 hours of user-generated content.


4. Show Them What They’re Missing

When it comes to traveling, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Images are a great way to excite your community and inspire them in planning for their next trip. And the more beautiful and enticing photos you post, the more your community will pin your photos to their pinterest boards. Also, encouraging your community to upload their own photos is a great way to curate content and build a community around your brand.

Explore Canada Like a Local: The Canada Tourism Commission’s microsite and app allowed users to curate and share lists of destinations around Canada they’d most like to visit, as well as upload their own photos.


5. Encourage Travellers to “Check-In”

Whether you’re encouraging tourists to check in to your bar, airport, hotel or casino – implementing mobile geo-location apps into your social media strategy is an excellent way to create buzz around your brand or destination – and an even better way to leverage mobile apps – is to get creative with fun promotions and contests.

For a Thanksgiving promotion, the San Francisco International Airport tweeted photos of a turkey named Pardon at spots throughout SFO. Users who tweeted or checked in (on Foursquare) to the correct location were entered into a sweepstakes.


6. Listen to Your Community’s Travel Experiences

People are constantly sharing their experiences from your destination, hotel, airport, aircraft or cruise ship on social media – so you need to be listening in order to be aware and ready to chime in with help. Chances are you’ve seen frustrated tweets or facebook updates in your network, complaining about the delay of a flight – the airlines that respond to these complaints with helpful information are regarded highly throughout social media. By listening for these conversations and helping in real-time – you will turn a negative situation into a winning customer experience, and develop strong, lifelong relationships with your customers – some will even become active advocates for your organization throughout the social space and beyond.

American Airlines not only informs and responds to customer questions on Twitter, but does so in a sincere and human approach.


7. Inject Some Fun Into Your Brand

Traveling is fun and exciting, but for many people it’s just another day of work. Lots of travelers spend more time sitting in an airplane than sitting in an office, so for them hearing the same safety video three times a week can be pretty tedious.

Peter Shankman recently blogged about United Airlines’ new Youtube video, pointing out that the airline has managed to take the most boring part of traveling – the safety video – and inject some fun into it.

8. Engage on International Social Media Sites

Four Seasons is by far one of the most engaging luxury hotel chains on social media. From virtual wine tastings on Twitter to active participation in location-based apps such as Foursquare, to their highly curated content on YouTube, Four Seasons clearly ‘gets’ social media engagement.

Not only are they actively engaged and creative in their social marketing campaigns and compelling content marketing, but Four Season’s also understands the importance of branching out off our social channels here in the West, and tapping into international sites to connect with the rest of their global community. Four Seasons has an active presence on Sina Weibo, China’s most popular social network (with more than 250 million users) and they’ve even launched an online magazine site there.

Your customers are from all over the world and they are discussing their experiences with your brand, in a variety of languages on international social media channels. Shouldn’t you be listening?


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7 Alcohol Brands Making A Splash On Social Media

By Julie | 

02 Dec 14 | 

Category: Marketing 2.0

martiniAlcohol brands are well known for their impressive advertising and marketing campaigns, but when it comes to social media engagement, they’re up against some pretty tough regulatory challenges. Alcohol brands must “age-gate” on their social media channels, meaning those who want to connect and engage with the brand must go through an age verification process first.

However, the daunting industry regulations haven’t held back these dynamic alcohol brands from leveraging social media to create and engage communities around their brand, share content, provide industry thought leadership, and generate brand awareness.

Tell Your Brand’s Story

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels takes a storytelling approach to social media instead of a selling approach. The whisky brand often shares powerful imagery and content that have a nostalgic feel, providing fans with a snapshot into the whisky distillery’s rich history and values. One of their campaigns “The Independence Project” asked fans to submit videos describing their own independent start up or project  - focusing on the theme of independence and the freedom Americans have to turn their dreams into reality – reminiscent of when Jack Daniels created his whiskey back in 1866.

jack daniels

Encourage Your Community to Participate

Jim Beam

Jim Beam’s “Bold Choices” campaign encouraged fans to use Facebook, to share stories of the bold choices they had made in their lives. To get into the spirit of the campaign, seventh generation Beam family distiller, Fred Noe promised he would get a Jim Beam tattoo if the brand got one million friends on Facebook – and they did.

Create a Virtual Vineyard


Visiting a vineyard, brewery or distillery generates an exciting and memorable experience. Create that experience in your social media channels – where the experience is also your brand’s message. Social media gives marketers the tools to help consumers create or revisit that experience, through engaging Facebook and Twitter posts, or beautiful and interesting videos and photographs – and keeps the conversation and the experience going, as well as keeping your brand front of mind.

Argento Wine makes a huge effort to enhance almost all their facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posts with rich media – YouTube and VImeo videos, Flickr images, etc. By using this socially curated content, the quality of their posts are enhanced to create a vivid social media experience for their community, and more traffic is driven to the blog via direct social engagement with content originators.

Here’s a beautiful new short film called Cerca del Cielo (close to the sky), created by British filmmaker James Kibbey in collaboration with the Argento Wine Company. The short film follows a day in the life of Argento Winemaker Silvia Corti on a journey from vineyard to table against the stunning backdrop of Mendoza, Argentina.

Be An Industry Thought Leader

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim winery paired up with Grow Creative and Anvil Media to educate consumers on Reisling wines with a website, and a book, the “Riesling Rules Book”, in order to build thought leadership around Riesling wines. They have extended the conversation to their facebook group to provide their community with frequent posts and updates on Riesling wines and much more – it has over 30,000 likes.


Give Back To The Community


A couple summers ago in cooperation with the Folds of Honor foundation,  a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing educational scholarships to families of fallen or injured soldiers, Budweiser donated $5,000 for every walk-off  in major league baseball. They used a custom Facebook landing page to keep a running total of the walk-offs for the year, and how much Budweiser has donated to the foundation. “Walk-off a Hero,” successfully raised $2.5 million for the Folds of Honor Foundation.


Leverage Brand Ambassadors


Ciroc uses relevant brand ambassadors that live and breathe Ciroc’s celebratory image, including the likes of PDiddy, to promote brand awareness and community engagement. Their hashtag #IheardDiddy, generated massive buzz around the brand, with fans tweeting things like “#IheardDiddy was the first man on the moon” and “#IheardDiddy single handily beat the 1992 dream team”.


Take It Offline


In 2011, Bacardi launched a “Like It Live, Like It Together” Facebook tab featuring “Like Offs”, that allowed fans to vote for a series of Likes (i.e. pizza truck vs taco truck, hip hop vs new wave) that are mixed and brought to life by Bacardi in a series of unique events held around the world. The Bacardi “Like it Live it” initiative helped the brand’s Facebook page gain over 145,000 fans in the US and just under 300,000 globally.


What are your favorite Alcohol social media marketing campaigns? Tell us in the comments section! For more info on alcohol brands leveraging social media, check out our blog post: 4 Ways for Wineries to Uncork Social Media Cheers!


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Four Ways the Auto Industry Can Fuel the Customer Cycle with Social Intelligence

By Adam Dalezman | 

26 Nov 14 | 

Category: Events, Marketing 2.0, Social media monitoring best practices, Technology

One thing that we are very proud of at Synthesio, is our global capabilities and connections. This is why we were very excited to be sponsoring the 14th Annual ENG Auto CRM & Marketing Excellence Summit in Berlin in November. This event featured nearly 100 leaders in marketing, CRM and digital executives for automotive OEMs, dealers and rental/leasing companies.

Our very own Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Thibault Hanin spoke at the conference with a session titled “How to Make Your Company Customer-Centric Using Social Intelligence.” In his discussion, Thibault discussed ways to integrate Social Intelligence, and social media overall, throughout the entire customer life-cycle. Specifically, there are four things that every automotive company needs to know:

  1. Scaling customer-centric social strategies across the enterprise takes time but pays off
  2. Distribute structured data to the right people at the right time, across all departments, helping you break down the silos
  3. Develop business-facing KPIs for each stage of the customer journey
  4. Connect the dots to get the full picture across all customer touch points

Thibault’s session fit in with the overall themes of the summit as well, which included a mix of strategic insight, case studies and interactive panels and presentations where best practice strategies were discussed. The big question that was asked was “how can you transform the modern CRM strategy to go beyond lead generation and data collection, into a customer centric approach and continuous communication flow that will enhance the brand and customer relationship.

We are eagerly looking forward to continuing the great conversations we started this year, at next year’s 15th annual Summit. We highly recommend this event, so you should reach out to them and find out as much information as you can:


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