How did social media react to yesterday’s BBC TV Debate?

By Agata Kawa | 

17 Apr 15 | 

Category: Events

Five Leaders Of Britain's Political Parties Join Televised DebateYesterday, the leaders of five Westminster opposition parties participated in the second (and just as heated) debate of the UK General Election Campaign, the BBC Challengers Debate. Noticeably absent were David Cameron (Conservative Party) and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats), both of whome decided not to take part in the debate. That didn’t slow down the buzz around the debate though, since as soon as Ed Miliband (Labour Party), Nigel Farage (UKPI), Nicola Sturgeon (SNP), Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru) and Natalie Bennet (Green Party) appeared on TV and started speaking, hundreds of thousands of people went online to discuss what was happening.

As you know, we are very interested in the UK elections, so we obviously took this opportunity to track what was being discussed online around this debate. We did this by looking at who was generating the most buzz, what people were tweeting about and what the sentiment was around the candidates.  Here’s what we found:

Who was generating the most buzz?  

   Share of Voice

What topics were generating the most buzz?

 World Cloud 

It is interesting to note that David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s absence did not prevent people from talking about them. Specifically, David Cameron, who generated some interesting buzz:

Sentiment breakdown for all posts related to David Cameron 


What were some of the Tweets? 

Most impressive performance from Cameron & Clegg in a good while #debate2015

Experts are agreed that the loser of the debate tonight was definitely David Cameron #chickendave #debate2015 #BBCDebate #GE2015

#GE2015 all over now – #Tories thrown in towel by hiding #Cameron from TV debate!

In another 2 weeks there will be a BBC Question Time special, where Cameron, Clegg and Miliband will answer questions directly from the audience. This event will be happening just a week before the actual polling day, so we are expecting an intense affair, and we can’t wait to see what people will be saying online!


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This Week In Marketing: Events, Events and More Events!

By Adam Dalezman | 

17 Apr 15 | 

Category: Events, Synthesio news

If you are a marketer, you know that this has been an incredibly exciting week for us, as there were two major events for marketers happening at the same time. The two events were the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum in New York City and the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco. We were at both events and you know what that means, we tracked all the social data and mentions at both exciting events, and here is what we found:

Forrester Logo

What were people talking about?

With over 6,000 online mentions at the Forrester Marketing Leadership Forum, there were a lot of topics that drove online buzz, however, it is clear when you look at the word cloud comprised of what topics were getting teh most buzz at the event, in 2015, ROI and metrics are the most important thing for any marketer:

Synthesio Social Intelligence Word Cloud

Who was talking?

With men comprising 66% of the people who were talking about #FORRForum, it is interesting to see that among the top 10 most influential posters, half of them were women, including 3 of the top 5:

Synthesio Social Intelligence Influencers


What were people talking about?

When looking at the topics that were causing the most buzz at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit (#MKTGNation), it is clear to see what marketers think about: how to strategically and positively engage with their customer base and make good use of the large amount of data that they are able to pull on a regular basis (surprisingly, John Legend wasn’t in this word cloud, but rest assured, his mini-concert was fantastic!):

Synthesio Social Intelligence Word Cloud

Who was talking?

What is really interesting when you look at the top influencers from the event is that most of them were brands. To us, this shows the power of Marketo and the importance of marketing information to brands and businesses, since they were the ones that were talking about what was happening and being said at the sessions more than any individual person:

Synthesio Influencers Social Intelligence

Another interesting bit of information to note is that 55% of people discussing Marketing Nation online were men. However, what really stood out to us is that the average age of people discussing Marketing Nation was 35-44. If you connect age to executive seniority, this shows us that the folks that were at Marketing Nation, and that were discussing it, were senior marketers and decision makers.

We had a great week attending both of these exciting and informative conferences, and while it was exhausting, we look forward to doing it all over again next year!


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A Quick Note about Twitter Data – Everything Is Fine

By Matthew Zito | 

16 Apr 15 | 

Category: Synthesio news, Technology

Twitter Bird Social Intelligence SynthesioThere’s been a lot of buzz in the news lately about Twitter severing its relationship with third-party data providers such as Datasift.  While a few of the news reports got it right, many of them missed the point, talking about how “all” third-party access to Twitter got cut off.

The reality is much simpler.  The only access that was discontinued was for the remaining two companies who buy data from Twitter and then resell it to other companies, DataSift and NTT Data. It doesn’t affect anyone who buys their data directly from Twitter, which includes Synthesio.

We’ve got a great relationship with Twitter and their in-house data provider Gnip, one that’s existed for a number of years.  We long-ago decided that we wanted to get our data right from the source and partnered directly with Twitter to build our platform.

Consequently, we are completely unaffected by this change, and I’m looking forward to getting even richer data from Twitter and Gnip in the future.

Editorializing for a minute, Twitter’s move to stop allowing third-parties to sell Twitter’s own data makes perfect sense.  There are very specific and strong rules that Twitter has about how you access, store, maintain and use their data.  Allowing third-parties to buy data from Twitter and then resell it to end-users breaks that relationship, and makes it difficult for Twitter to enforce their own rules and regulations.

In the end though, while a lot of hay was made in the mainstream tech media about the change, it’s a fairly simple example of a growing tech company taking better control over their core intellectual property.  And from Synthesio’s perspective, it doesn’t affect us at all.

If any of our partners or customers have any questions or concerns about any of this, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Twitter at @matthewzito or email at 


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Campaigns Just Got Smarter With Synthesio And Marketo

By Adam Dalezman | 

14 Apr 15 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, B2C Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Social media monitoring best practices, Synthesio news

We are really excited to announce that today, Synthesio has formally integrated with Marketo, Inc. (NASDQ: MKTO) to enable marketers to better personalize their engagement, and leverage a complete view of their customers’ online voice over time.

This strategic partnership is a result of our pursuit to offer marketers the ability to gain a complete view of their customer, a complete picture of their online presence and tie social data back to business metrics and performance. We’re really excited that this new capability will provide marketers with an even greater understanding of the role social media and an online presence plays in the customer lifecycle, and will bring social even closer to marketing and sales funnels.

So, what does this mean for you?

There are a great number of ways that you will be able to use this new integration to help you improve your customer interactions. You will now have smarter, more holistic data and, in turn smarter campaigns.

Turn Your Social Fans Into Leads

You use Synthesio’s Social Intelligence platform to find the people that are talking about your brand, and these users should be leads. Now that is possible because with this integration you will be able to quickly create new leads in Marketo from users in your Synthesio dashboards.

You can even add your social fans to the lists you’ve already created in Marketo. Synthesio dynamically pulls in all your Marketo lists so you can quickly fill out your lists easily without switching platforms.

Know Your Customer’s Complete Backstory

In order to send out the best and most effective message to your customers, you must have a complete understanding of them, and until now, combining social data and lead activity has been a challenge. With Social Lead Lookup, you can now view a social user’s Marketo lead record within your Synthesio dashboards. See the full picture of what your customers are saying so you can send them content that’s relevant and timely.

If you want to learn more about Synthesio and its integration with Marketo, and you’re at the Marketo Marketing Nation™ Summit 2015, look for us at booth 34. If you’re not, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to tell you more!


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What You Can’t Miss at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit 2015

By Julie | 

14 Apr 15 | 

Category: Events

marketo-event-bannerIt’s day two of Marketo’s Marketing Nation 2015 at Moscone West in San Francisco, and as a proud standing Marketo LaunchPoint partner we are excited to announce our new integration! (Check out the full press release here). We couldn’t be more excited to join the fun and informative sessions and events over the next couple days.

Along with many amazing expert-led sessions, there will also be keynotes today with Marketo’s Chariman & CEO, Phil Fernandez; Arianna Huffington, President & Editor-In-Chief, The Huffington Post; Salman Khan, President & Editor-In-Chief, The Khan Academy, and special guest speaker, John Legend – yes THE John Legend.

As global leaders in the Social Intelligence industry, we decided to compile a list of the best sessions for optimizing your social strategy. So without further adieu, here are the can’t miss social media driven sessions for #MKTGNation 2015:

Winning with Social: Driving top of funnel leads with Marketo & Twitter

  • Date/Time: April 14th at 2:00pm
  • Location: 2022/2024

Engaging customers on Twitter is no longer a challenge. To succeed on this social channel, demand generators need to understand how prospects behave on the site and latch them on before directing them to the brand’s action page. In this session, you will learn 3 ways to enhance your social strategy by driving top of funnel leads from Twitter directly into Marketo, see how easy it is to set up this integration, and understand how to engage your customers better on Twitter with Marketo.

The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation

  • Date/Time: April 14th at 3:00pm
  • Location: 2006/2008

Join a special session with Altimeter founder and bestselling author, Charlene Li, as she explores the evolving role of leadership in the digital workplace. Social and collaboration technologies have revolutionized the very idea and nature of relationships, including those between leaders, their employees and the outside world. In this session, you’ll learn how embracing technologies to listen, share, and engage can transform you and your organization into a true digital leader.

A Facebook View of Personalized Marketing at Scale

  • Date/Time: April 15th at 3:30pm
  • Location: 2006/2008

Facebook is making business personal in an omni-channel marketing world. Learn how to unlock the full potential of your marketing with the power of data. Realize how you can segment your audience and deliver relevant messages to that audience at the right time and right device.

Now for our gratuitous plug, be sure to stop by the Synthesio booth (booth #34) and check out our Marketo integrated Social Intelligence platform in action – and yes, you can pick up some cool giveaways and conference swag.

Can’t be at the Marketo Summit in person today? Be sure to follow the conversation using the hashtags: #MKTGNATION


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Can Social Media Predict the Grand National Winner?

By Oliver Lewis | 

10 Apr 15 | 

Category: Events

2013 Grand National - An Alternative ViewIt’s Grand National time again – The one day of the year when millions of us cast aside our common sense instincts and instead fritter away our hard-earned money on an arbitrarily selected horse in the most gruelling and unpredictable race in the world. 

I have backed the right horse on two occasions in what I have (somewhat depressingly), discovered is a 34 year old history of betting on the Grand National. 

The first of these results was an each-way bet on Spartan Missile in 1981. Just to put the date into context, this was number one, Brixton was in riot and the computer mouse was about to be launched. Although I was 6 years old, this wasn’t a sign of precocious tipster talent as I waited a further 33 years for my next win:  another each way bet on the eventual 2014 winner, Pineau De Rey.

So, how did I do it? Since I’m not 6 years-old anymore and am no longer choosing horses based on cool names (yes, I chose Spartan Missle because I loved the name), I had to find a more analytical way. 

I chose Pineau De Rey because I used Social Intelligence to determine consumer sentiment and compared that with the horse’s odds to discover that it was a decent each-way bet. This decent bet turned out to be a winner.

At Synthesio, we are always interested in learning how people make decisions. There are many ways for us novices of choosing which horse to back, so we had a quick look at 2014 social content to see which were the favourites. Among the unskilled punter, having a cool name is the most important factor, certainly far more important than its odds, which goes some way to explaining why the bookies look forward to the National so much. It also explains why Shakalakaboomboom had the biggest share of voice in 2012.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, nobody is talking about combined Social Reputation Score/Odds analysis. So we will instead…

We harvested all mentions and analysed the sentiment of social media posts from the general public about each Grand National runner. We then compared the Social Reputation Score (SRS) each horse generated with its odds (at time of analysis) to generate a shortlist of options. 

What we want to see is if social sentiment can be used as an extra in order to more accurately identify those horses most likely to make our Saturday joyful (and lucrative). 

We are essentially looking for runners with high SRS and higher odds. These potentially offer the best return on your investment.

The chart below plots all runners according to their SRS and odds. Those in the top left hand side of the chart offer the most realistic return as “on the nose” and moving towards the right but staying in the top quadrant could be good options as each way bets.


So there we have it. A new way of identifying the winner? Maybe, but please don’t take my word for it. I don’t want you to have to wait another 33 years.

First Name
Last Name


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Debating The Social Media Reaction To The UK Election

By Agata Kawa | 

09 Apr 15 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, Case studies, Events, Marketing 2.0, Social media monitoring best practices, Technology

Since Parliament dissolved on Monday March 30, 2015, we are officially in the UK General Election season, and it started off with a bang on April 2 with the first live-TV Leaders Debate. This debate took place in front of a 200-person live studio audience that was carefully selected to reflect the UK’s diverse population, and addressed four key election issues: the economy, jobs, immigration and health

The Leaders that participated in this debate were: Natalie Bennett (Green Party), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats) – Natalie Bennett, Nigel Farage (Ukip), Ed Miliband (Labour Party), Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru), Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) and David Cameron (Conservative Party).

At Synthesio, we are watching this exciting election to see how the UK responds online, and this debate proved to have some very interesting online data. Check out some of the great stuff that we found:

  • 77% of all mentions came from males, while only 23% came from females
  • Based on the top terms and topics surrounding the debate, it seems that David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Nicola Sturgeon, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg were the most buzzed-about candidates:

Synthesio UK Election Social Intelligence

  • The five most popular candidates (ranked by mention volume) were:
    1. Nigel Farage – Ukip (27.2%)
    2. Ed Miliband – Labour Party (23.1%)
    3. David Cameron – Conservative Party (20.8%)
    4. Nicola Sturgeon – SNP (13.6%%)
    5. Nick Clegg – Liberal Democrats (12.6%)

The next debate will be broadcasted live on the BBC on April 16, 2015, and you can be sure that we will be monitoring that one as well. For more information on the General UK Elections please click here.

Tell us what you thought about the debate and this data in the comment section!


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Synthesio’s IMPACT: Connect Social Data to Business Metrics

By Adam Dalezman | 

03 Apr 15 | 

Category: B2B Social Media, B2C Social Media, Marketing 2.0, Synthesio news, Technology

Exciting news from Synthesio! Our Social Intelligence and social media listening tool will now be providing marketers with the ability to understand how to tie social data and performance, including the work being done and money being spent, back to business analytics, through the release of IMPACT.  These new return on investment (ROI) metrics will allow Synthesio to continue to provide clients with the best global Social Intelligence available.

IMPACT will allow customers to manage and optimize their brand’s social activities by tracking the awareness, acquisition, activation and satisfaction of their audience over a desired time frame, and as conversations are happening.

IMPACT allows marketers to:

  •      Segment their audience & target communication by buying stage and engagement level
  •      Differentiate leads across the customer buying cycle
  •      Measure conversions through the buying stages
  •      Identify relevant sales prospects for social lead generation
  •      Identify and build influencer lists with integrated user profiles from different social sources
  •      Analyze user acquisition and retention across owned channels and sub-channels.

For more information, check out our press release about IMPACT here.

Social Intelligence Synthesio social media monitoring tool IMPACT social roi


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What Can Auto Manufacturers Learn From Social Intelligence?

By Diana Martins | 

02 Apr 15 | 

Category: B2C Social Media

img-automotiveFor the customer: Buying a car is a long process

Buying a car takes time. People take time to select cars according to their tastes, needs and budget. Once they shortlist a couple of cars they will test them before making their final decision.

For the brand: A long development and launch process

A car is a complex product that requires months to design, create, test and launch. Car manufacturers have no other choice but success when launching a new model.

High consumer expectations, but little measurement on satisfaction

Some models have higher expectations by consumers and car lovers. This results in even more pressure on car manufacturers, however, today there is no real customer and prospects satisfaction measurement following the launch.

The auto industry press will typically rank and run tests, but do they really reflect the public opinion? Some people may say that sales volumes will be the best indicator for customers’ satisfaction, but is it logical to wait for a low sales volumes to understand that a vehicle is not meeting people’s expectations?

Tons of untapped data

I met a Digital Strategy Consultant who told me a personal story that illustrates perfectly how Social Listening is the missing piece in a car launch strategy. He told me that he and his wife were car shopping and torn between two models of different brands. He said that the reason he did not purchase the first one, was because there was a metal bar on the dashboard that was standard and could not be taken off. He smiled and added, “If I was the car manufacturer, I would wish I had known why a customer did not buy a $50,000 car, especially if it’s because of a simple metal bar!”.

I asked him if he had told anyone else about this story, he nodded and said that he had tweeted about it right after.

Today, car manufacturers have the opportunity to listen to their customers on social media and collect relevant data in order to launch products that match expectations, but to also yield unsolicited feedback and make strategic decisions accordingly.


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South By Southwest Interactive 2015 Dominates Social Media

By Julie | 

27 Mar 15 | 

Category: Events

sxsw-event-bannerLast week, thousands of South by Southwest conversations took the twitterverse by storm. It’s SXSW! The biggest technology and culture festival of the year, started Friday, March 13, all over downtown Austin. The annual Festival brought the unique convergence of original music, independent films, and emerging technologies. This SXSW continued its success in solidifying the event’s reputation as the place for entrepreneurs tech investors, musicians and filmmakers, to see and be seen…with a little help from Twitter.

The online conversations happening around SXSW help bring the tremendous buzz and excitement from the streets of Austin, to the offices and homes of marketers, technologists and musicians alike, providing those all over the world a way to participate in the conversations around all the conferences, concerts and parties taking the streets of Austin by storm.

At Synthesio, we eagerly jump on the opportunity to track global conversations around an event of this magnitude with such a web frenzy surrounding it. So, we tracked the tremendous global buzz around SXSWi, and the top influencers driving the conversations in our real-time live leaderboard.

Top SXSWi stats

Over 60K mentions!

56% of all mentions come from males, while 44% come from females

Massive global Twitter buzz in: Top 5 languages for mentions across 205 countries:

English (92.4% of mentions)

Spanish (2.6%)

French (1.3%)

Portuguese (0.7%)

German (0.6%)

Top 3 Countries Tweeting SXSWi:

US – 61.5%

UK – 2.92%

Canada -2.46%

Top Topics


Top 10 Influencers



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