Monitoring Dashboards

Monitoring Dashboards

Track and Measure Your Online Reputation

Discover our Global Listening Dashboards

In-Depth Data Filters

  • • Drill down into the verbatim to find valuable insights
  • • Sort by topic, media type, country, language and more
  • • Dynamically export data and visuals to build your reports

Influence Ranking

  • • Discover SynthesioRank, our unique influence ranking system
  • • Identify and rank individuals, conversations and websites pertaining to your brand
  • • Locate the top sites in which your consumers gather online

Community Mapping

  • • Discover new target markets that have an affinity towards your brand
  • • Identify consumer types and psychographics of your markets
  • • Enhance communications towards newly-discovered markets

Global Geographic Breakdown

  • • Full global monitoring and geographic segmentation in 100+ countries and 50 languages
  • • Listen to local social networks such as Orkut, Seina Weibo, RenRen
    and more
  • • Precise geolocation by country and city

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